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Feature Updates Subscriptions for BigCommerce — Q1 2023 Releases Subscriptions for BigCommerce — Q1 2023 Releases

Check out these key features launched on the Subscriptions for BigCommerce app for the first quarter of 2023

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Boost customer retention and engagement with subscription-based membership programs

Memberships has officially launched, giving merchants the ability to confer exclusive benefits on program subscribers. Customers enrolled in your membership program can receive exclusive access to products, discounts and other perks, including free shipping.

For more information, check out our Help Center article for the feature or contact your representative.

Digital Products

Sell subscriptions for digital products, like ebooks, video content and more

We have added support for the sale of digital products, like ebooks, videos and more, as subscriptions.

Previously, merchants were limited to the sale of products with shippable inventory.

Rebill Protection

Keep your rebills flowing with protection against common failure scenarios

We have added protective measures to ensure your subscription rebills are safe from common rebill failure scenarios.

Within the customer-level view of the Subscription Management tab, you'll now receive proactive flags for rebills that are expected to fail and actionable recommendations for how to resolve them.

Example scenarios covered by this feature include out-of-stock scenarios and instances where a product is no longer purchasable.

Want to see how it works? Review our Help Center article for more information.

Embedded Account Creation

Smoother checkout = more conversions and less abandoned carts

Consumers purchasing subscriptions can now create an account login directly within the BigCommerce optimized one-page checkout flow without redirecting to a new page.

Consumers with an existing account who aren't yet logged in will be presented with a password-less login link (for those merchants who have enabled that link in their checkout settings).

This brings the checkout experience further into line with the standard BigCommerce checkout experience for purchases involving straight-sale-only purchases, easing friction and improving the buying experience.

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