Migrations Support

Move your active subscriber and payment data from other subscription applications

Already running subscriptions but looking for a better solution?

Merchants looking to migrate from another subscription application can migrate their active subscriber and payment data with white-glove assistance from the sticky.io and BigCommerce teams.

The sticky.io Subscriptions application for BigCommerce was built as a fully-native subscription solution to ensure optimal experiences for customers and streamlined workflows for you and your teams.

Contact our team today to scope your use case. To get in touch with our team or to schedule a demo:

Ability to Rename Product Modifiers

Reduced reliance on Frequency ID vs. Modifier Name

Renaming subscription product options (Ex: From "Every 30 Days" to "Monthly") used to cause syncing issues between BigCommerce and sticky.io.

We have implemented a fix that makes it possible to rename subscription product options without consequence.

This fix will enable you and your teams to build shopping experiences consistent with your brand tone and voice.

API Rate Limit UX

Contextual messaging to merchants and consumers for API rate limit conflicts

BigCommerce merchants are limited in the number of API calls they can make in a given month based on their selected BigCommerce payment plan. This is a BigCommerce-specific limitation and is not specific to sticky.io. Third-party applications, including but not limited to sticky.io, can contribute to the number of calls occurring on a storefront.

When the API rate limit is exceeded, pages can fail to load or storefront elements can fail to function as intended, but there is no messaging deployed to explain the failure.

We've added in-app messaging to ensure your teams and customers receive explanations when the API rate limit has been exceeded. The messaging will include a timeframe after which it is safe to try the desired action again.

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