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To configure Everyware Gateway into your sticky.io CRM, you will go to the Settings > Providers page, under ACTIONS select 'Add New Provider Profile'. Select the type as Payment/Gateway and select Everyware from the drop down. Fill out the gateway parameters which are outlined below and click “Save”.

These parameters are briefly described here for your reference:

Alias: Name that you will assign to the gateway. This is for internal purposes only; it helps you identify a specific gateway account among several of them in your CRM.

API Key: This will be provided to you by Everyware.

Username: This will be provided to you by Everyware.

Currency: This gateway supports multiple currencies, please visit the provider profile drop down to see the full list.

Test Mode: Set to YES if you would like to use this gateway in Test Mode.

Enable Delayed Capture: allows you to authorize the payment on day 1 and capture it in “x” number of days. Applies to initials and recurring orders, it creates the orders in a “Pending” status and they won’t be sent to fulfillment until the charge is captured and the status is updated to “Approved”.
Delayed Capture Days: number of days in which you wish to capture the charge, this is to be used with Enable Delayed Capture.

Once your gateway profile has been created, then you will go through your campaigns and assign the gateway to the corresponding campaign(s).

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