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What is Smart Dunning?

Smart Dunning is's native revenue recovery service that leverages machine learning to minimize false declines and improve rebill rates.

Smart Dunning is a fully managed service meaning you, as the merchant, do not need to make any manual adjustments to your decline strategy. At your direction, our team will do the work for you!

Why Smart Dunning?

Because decline reprocessing according to fixed schedules or processing manually isn’t an optimal recovery strategy.

By leveraging machine learning, Smart Dunning can set the optimal schedule for each subscription order in the platform, thereby increasing approval rates and generating more revenue.

Benefits include:

  • Recover 20%+ more revenue compared to traditional recovery methods

  • Extend customer lifetime value by reducing involuntary churn

  • Improve approval rates and decrease transaction costs

  • Experience better merchant ID (MID) health

How does it work?

Smart Dunning uses historical data to determine the optimal time and date to retry declined subscription transactions, thereby improving approval probability.

It enables merchants to retain customers by tailoring the retry frequency based on unique behavior, completely managed service by

Smart Dunning leverages automated analysis of decline responses, payment providers, product price, consumer behavior, BINS and more than 50 other predictors.

How to Configure the Number of Retries

As the merchant, you can set Smart Dunning to retry failed transactions between 1 and 5 times. This is helpful if you are looking to manage your decline rates and keep MIDs healthy over time.

The service can also be configured by campaign for easy A/B testing.

Contact your Client Success Manager directly to make changes to your retry strategy.

Looking for more information?

For more details, read our blog on how Smart Dunning can revolutionize your subscription billing strategy.

Ready to get started with Smart Dunning?

Contact your Client Success Manager or schedule a discovery call with our team.

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