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The following article will walk you through the process of configuring email notifications using

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Updated over a week ago allows you as the merchant to configure transactional email notifications that keep your consumers informed throughout the subscription lifecycle.

With developer assistance, these email templates can be customized to fit your branding, ensuring you are leaving a positive impression on consumers at every touchpoint possible.

In this article, we will review the types of email notifications available to you as a part of the cartridge and we will walk through the process of toggling on or off your desired notifications.

Without further ado, let's begin!

Available Email Notifications

As a part of the cartridge, the following email notifications are available for configuration:

  • Subscription canceled (Cancel Email)

  • Rebill decline (Decline Email)

  • Subscription paused (Pause Email)

  • Expired card (Expired Card Email)

  • Subscription reminder (Reminder email)

  • Out-of-Stock notification email

Configuring Your Email Notifications

To begin, we'll start by logging into our Salesforce Commerce Cloud Business Manager and selecting the site of interest.

Next, we will open up the Merchant Tools dropdown. Within the section, we will select Preferences.

Here, we will be able to make configurations to our instance, including the configuration of our email notifications.

In the Search by ID search field on the left-hand side of your screen, enter the word email and click the magnifying glass icon to locate our email notification fields.

Alternatively, you can simply scroll down and locate the fields of interest.

The email notification types are as listed as follows:

Next, we will configure our email notifications using the on-screen dropdowns.

For example, we can toggle off the Subscription Canceled notification by changing the dropdown Value to No.

By default, all email notifications are toggled on with a value of Yes shown in the dropdown Value field.

Changes will be applied to a single storefront. To apply your changes across multiple sites, simply select the Edit Across Sites option on the right-hand side of your screen

Thereafter, specify which sites you would like to enable a given preference. In the pictured example, we can enable the Decline Email Enabled preference across websites by setting the Value for the corresponding sites to Yes.

Alternatively, click Apply to Other Sites to apply your existing selections across other storefronts.

You'll be prompted to select which preferences you would like to carry over to your other storefronts.

To carry over your email notification preferences, simply check the corresponding boxes.

Then, click Next to select which sites you would like to apply your changes to.

Finally, review your changes on the summary page and apply your changes by clicking Apply.

Once satisfied with your selections, click Save to preserve them.

Customizing Your Email Notification Templates

Customizing your email templates requires developer involvement. Please refer to the Integration Guide for more information. To access the Integration Guide, contact your representative.

Congratulations! You're now an expert on configuring email notifications using for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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