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The Subscriptions application for BigCommerce allows you to add subscription billing models to your BigCommerce storefront. Easily enable subscriptions on all or a selection of your product catalog with unlimited offer combinations to wow your customers and gain predictable recurring revenue.

Ready to get started with Subscriptions for BigCommerce? Click here to read through our step-by-step onboarding guide.


At time of publication, Subscriptions does not support migrations from other subscription platforms. We can provide support for the following customer types:

  • New BigCommerce merchants without an existing storefront

  • Merchants who already have a BigCommerce storefront, but do not require data migration from another subscriptions application.

Support for merchants who require migrations will be available in 2022. Stay tuned for more details!

Additionally, Subscriptions is not currently compatible with BigCommerce V2. Merchants must be on BigCommerce V3 to use the Subscriptions app. For more information on the differences between BigCommerce V2 versus V3, please reference this link.

How to Install

  1. Find in the BigCommerce marketplace

  2. View our app listing and select "Get This App"

  3. Sign in to your BigCommerce store and click "Install"

  4. Contact your representative to enable the application


  • Subscription billing models, including:

    • Bill by Cycle - Subscriptions will bill every N days, weeks or months. An example subscription would be billed every 30 days.

    • Bill by Date - Subscriptions will bill on the Nth day of each month. An example subscription would be billed on the 15th of every month.

    • Bill by Day - Subscriptions will bill on the specified day of each month. An example subscription would bill on the first Friday of every month.

    • Bill by Schedule - Subscriptions will bill on the specified days of the year. An example subscription would bill on the 1st of July and the 1st of September.

    • Bill by Relative Date - Subscriptions will bill on a relative schedule every N internals. If a customer purchased an example subscription on the 13th of this month, their subscription would continue to bill on the 13th, either monthly or annually, depending on your selections.

  • Subscribe & Save Tiered Discounting

    • Set up unique discount offers that are specific to given subscription models. For example, offer 15% off on a 30 day subscription model, but only 10% off on a 60 day subscription model for the same product.

    • Alternatively, set up uniform discount offers for all subscription billing models associated with a given product. For example, offer 10% off on both the 30 day and 60 day subscription models for a specified product.

  • Merchant portal subscription management options

    • Bill now

    • Pause

    • Resume

    • Cancel

    • Skip next cycle

    • Change recurring date

    • Change billing model

    • Change billing address

    • Change shipping address

    • View subscription history

  • Customer portal subscription management options

    • Bill now

    • Pause

    • Resume

    • Cancel

    • Skip next cycle

    • Swap products

    • Swap product variants or modifiers

    • Update order quantities

    • Change recurring date

    • Change billing model

    • Change billing address

    • Change card on file

    • Change shipping address

  • Support for mixed-cart transaction processing

  • Dunning support

    • Capture failed payments with the ability to set custom retry frequencies for declined transactions.

  • Analytics Dashboards

    • Subscriptions - Active Subscribers, Active Subscriptions, Subscription Growth

    • Churn - Subscription Churn, Churn % by Month and Churn by Type (Cancel, Pause, Payment Failure)

    • Product Forecast - Recurring Product by SKU and Recurring Product by Date

  • Transactional notifications & marketing emails through our integrations with Klaviyo and Mailchimp

  • Support for Multi-Currency BigCommerce stores

  • Support for BigCommerce product variants and modifiers

  • Compatibility with ShipperHQ

  • Shipping Zone Compatibility with native shipping integrations to FedEx, UPS, USPS and more.

  • Intercom live chat widget embedded directly within the application in BigCommerce

Supported Payment Gateways

  • AdyenV2


  • Barclaycard Fuse

  • Barclaycard Smartpay Advance

  • Braintree

  • Chase Merchant Services (Orbital or Chase Paymentech)


  • CyberSource

  • dLocal

  • MyVirtualMerchant (ConvergePay)

  • Paymetric

  • PayPal Powered By Braintree

  • Stripe (and Stripe v3)

Compatible BigCommerce Apps

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I configure dunning or automatic retries on failed payments?

    • Merchants will be able to customize the number of retries and the number of days between retried transactions. This configuration occurs on the backend of the platform and must be completed by the Client Success Manager. Contact your Client Success Manager for assistance.

  • Does the subscription appear as an option on the main product page so that a product can be bought one-time or as a subscription from the same PDP?

    • Yes, the subscription frequencies are stored as product modifiers in BigCommerce, and therefore, support a single product display page that allows the consumer to select between one-time purchase or subscription.

  • Do digital wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay work with subscriptions?

    • No, none of the digital wallets currently support storing the payment method on file in BigCommerce.

  • If a customer has a subscription in their cart with additional items for a one-time purchase, are they charged one transaction or are their subscriptions charged separately?

    • The Subscriptions app allows for mixed-cart purchases of both subscription and non-subscription items. The consumer is billed in a single transaction on a single order in BigCommerce.

  • How are shipping charges applied to subscription-based orders?

    • The Subscriptions app leverages the native shipping settings within your BigCommerce store. The shipping method selected by the consumer during initial checkout will be leveraged for subsequent rebills, allowing for BigCommerce to recalculate the shipping cost based on this shipping method for each rebill. This ensures an accurate shipping cost even for subscriptions that might change over time. In the event that you change your shipping settings in BigCommerce and the shipping method that was selected during initial checkout is no longer available for an active subscription, the application will inherently leverage the lowest cost shipping method available in BigCommerce.

Helpful BigCommerce Resources

Here are some resources that will be helpful as you get started with BigCommerce.

Ready to get started with Subscriptions for BigCommerce? Click here to read through our step-by-step onboarding guide.

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