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Created: April 28, 2021


Our Braintree Gateway now supports the use GooglePay on the checkout page. In order to set up a campaign to accept GooglePay, you must be sure the proper payment type is selected at the campaign level.

Please Note: There is front-end development work that must be done on the checkout page to implement GooglePay correctly.

More information around front-end implementation can be found here:

Adding GooglePay as Payment Type to a Campaign

  • Go to the campaign you wish to add GooglePay as a payment type

  • Under Payment Type, select GooglePay

  • Upon selecting GooglePay, a Gateway Configuration window will appear below Payment Type.

  • The only gateways that will appear on that list will be Braintree gateways, please select the appropriate gateway/MID for that campaign.

Creating GooglePay orders via API:

Within the NewOrder request to sticky you will need to make sure to include the 'creditCardType' as 'googlepay', and also include the 'braintree_nonce'.

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