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SafeCharge (Nuvei) Gateway
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Created: April 28, 2021

What is SafeCharge (Nuvei)?

Nuvei (Formerly SafeCharge) provides an end-to-end payment technology platform for accepting payments using a wide range of payment methods. The platform offers an extensive set of customizable integration solutions and plugins, which allow merchants to provide an optimized customer experience.

More information on SafeCharge (Nuvei) can be found here:

Please contact Nuvei to get started.

Configuring SafeCharge in

To configure the SafeCharge Gateway into your platform, you will go to:

  • Settings > Providers

  • Click on the Actions drop-down arrow and select Add New Provider Profile.

  • Click on Payment as the provider type and then select Safecharge from the Provider drop-down list.

You will then need to fill out the required parameters:

The below fields are all found within the merchant's SafeCharge account. From the homepage, after logging in, select Settings then click My Integration Settings (Sample screenshot below)

  • Merchant ID

  • Site ID

  • Secret Key

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