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March 13, 2013
Updated: March 1, 2020

The System Notification feature provides you with all system notifications such as decline reprocessing, payment router alerts, etc.

Clicking on the edit option will open a popup box for you to edit the notification delivery type and recipients. A brief description of these features is located below:

Name: This will be the name of the notification.

Description: The description of the notification. Click on the ‘view’ icon to see the full message details.

Departments: The department in which you want to receive the notifications.

Send to Individual: This will allow you to choose which individuals you would like to receive these notifications.

Notification Delivery: There are three (3) different options in which you can receive these notifications. The options are System, Email, and Text. When choosing System, you will receive notifications through the ‘Bell’ icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the platform.

When selecting Email, you will receive the notifications through email. When choosing text, you will receive the notifications via text but please keep in mind a phone number will need to be added for each employee within the Employee Accounts page.

When selecting the 'edit' icon, the following popup box will display:

System Messages

The System Messages feature provides you with a list of system wide error messages and it goes back 30 days. If there has been a failure of certain features within your Platform, then it is recommended to check your system messages prior to contacting Platform support.

The following provides a description of the columns listed System Messages:

The type column provides the type of system message you are viewing.

The priority column shows the priority of the system message, and a message may have a Notice, Low, or High priority status. Furthermore, a system message with a priority status of Notice will be for cases where the message is just for your information. A system message with a priority status of Low will be for cases where the message requires attention, but it's not urgent in nature. A system message with a priority status of High will be for cases where the message requires your immediate attention.

The date column shows the date the system message was generated.

The message column shows the message that was generated by the system.

The features column will allow you to view the system message in its entirety.

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