September 11, 2014
Updated: March 1, 2020

A note template profile allows you to create custom note / disposition templates that will be available for selection within the order details.

A customer disposition describes the outcome of a call (e.g., Product Suggestion, Change Subscription Length, Refund, etc). Customer dispositions give business managers valuable intelligence used to help increase call center productivity and customer satisfaction ratings. Additionally, customer dispositions can help optimize agent performance and ultimately be leveraged to help refine procedures that positively impact customer service.

To configure a Note Template Profile within your Platform, you will go to Settings > Configurations > Order Note Templates. Click on the “Actions” drop down selection to add a new note template profile.

The following parameters for when adding or editing a note template is briefly described here for your reference:

Label: Enter a name for your note template profile.

Editable: Select whether or not the note content will be editable in the order details.

All Campaigns: Select whether or not to apply to the note template profile to all campaigns.

Campaign: Select specific campaigns for your note template profile.

Content: Enter the note content for your note template profile.

Click Here to learn how to report on Customer Dispositions.

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