Editing Analytics Permissions for Users
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March 22, 2018
Updated: March 1, 2020

Analyzing your data is one of the most important parts of running your business. But we know that not all of your data should be shared.

Permissions couldn't be easier, with full flexibility to allow the right user to see the right information.

You can enable/disable your Analytics and Reports for each user. Show them everything, or show them one thing specific to their role.

Step by Step Instructions for an Existing User:

1. Navigate to Settings on the main navigation

2. Scroll and select User Accounts

You'll see a full list of your existing users with the capability to edit each individual user permissions under the green Gear Icon under the Features column in the User Account chart

3. Do a quick scroll to the bottom of the lengthy Permissions page to locate the Analytics

4. Select the user dashboards for that user with a simple checkbox

5. Confirm and click Save

Step by Step Instructions to Add A New User:

1. Navigate to Settings on the main navigation

2. Scroll and select User Accounts

3. Select the Arrow next to Actions near the search bar, click Add Employee

3. Complete the information and select the Department that this user will represent. Each option has a default configuration of Permissions.

If you want to view or edit the default configuration for Permissions for Department, go back to the User Accounts page and click the green Pen Icon under Features column in the Employee Department Templates chart

4. Select the user dashboards for that user with a simple checkbox

5. Confirm and click Save

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A Full List of Analytics Dashboards

Monthly Recurring Revenue - Dive into your recurring revenue with MRR reporting. Average MRR vs Revenue per customer and more.

Order Analysis - Start here to examine the important measures in your business quickly. Viewing Order Analysis should be a daily ritual.

Churn - Understand your subscriptions and the clients you’re losing, so you can take action immediately.

Profit & Loss - How profitable is your business? Drill into the details of your revenue and expenses to make better business decisions.

Subscriptions - Dive into your subscriptions data to identify problem areas and identify concerning acquisition channels fast.

Tax Report - Where is your revenue coming from geographically? How much are you paying in taxes?

Subscription Forecasting - Set your own values and forecast your subscriptions to better understand where you’ll be in the future.

Reserve Predictions - Always know where your Reserve Accounts stand. How much is being accrued in reserves and predict how much will be released each month.

Processing - Understand the performance of gateway transaction processing all the way down to credit card success rates.

BINs - Asses your bank transactions by acceptance, denial, or chargebacks to better understand your transactions.

Chargebacks - Get in front of customers who chargeback and understand how it’s affecting your business.

Fulfillment - Don’t let fulfillment become an issue - monitor critical measures to ensure your product deliveries are on track.

Customer Service - Evaluate your customer service department based on Refunds, Cancellations, and more.

Decline Manager - Review your decline manager measures and identify adjustments to maximize your efforts.

Intelligent Cascade - Determine how you can improve your cascading efforts with our Intelligent Cascade feature.

Traffic Source Quality - Dive deep into your affiliate traffic sources and understand how they’re affecting your bottom line.

*Account Updater - Manage your Account Updater service with up-to-date information on credit cards being updated for your subscriptions.

*Anti-Fraud - Fight fraud and understand how to best configure your anti-fraud service to increase CLTV.

*Chargeback Representment - Take care of undisputed chargebacks and see how Representment is improving your ROI.

*Chargeback Alerts - Review your alerts so you can stop chargebacks before they happen.

*Transaction Select - See the results of leveraging Transaction Select’s ability to screen out risky customers who are likely to chargeback, cancel, or refund.

*eDigital - Understand the performance of your eDigital service.

*3D Verify - Measure the success of using 3D Verify to secure your transactions.

*Only available if you have this service enabled.

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