June 20, 2018
Updated March 1, 2020

We've created simple, easy-to-follow implementation instructions so you can integrate PayPal Payments into your checkout page.

To use PayPal for recurring payments or 1 click upsells please contact PayPal to get your account approved for these transactions. PayPal will also need to enable "Billing Address" in order for address information to be pulled back when using reference transaction:

Information on the Billing Address feature can be found here: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/limited-release/reference-transactions/#show-customer-billing-address-and-email 

You will also need to enable the "Use Reference Transaction" within Settings > Providers > PayPal Payments profile.  This will allow you to initiate recurring payments for varying amounts and process one-click upsells on PayPal.  To enable different types of billing agreements based on your needs, you will need to contact your PayPal account manager.

The following steps will need to be completed within PayPal:

If you are using One Click Upsells for WooCommerce or any other platform, PayPal requires that you enable "reference transactions" on your account.

To Do This:

  • Log into your PayPal account

  • Go to the Email Contact Form

  • Choose topic: My Account

  • Choose sub-topic: Changing/Updating Account Information

  • Copy and paste the message below, inserting your PayPal email address and name.

  • Wait for a reply

Upsell Order with Redirect 

Once the Use Reference Transaction option is toggled to yes , the NewOrder request call can then be made with the card type set to PayPal.  Within the Upsell page, a NewOrderCardOnFile can then be made, with a reference to the parent order ID, using the PreviousOrderId API call. Within the terminal page (eg. Thank You/Payment received page), be sure to form post to PayPal, and this should complete the upsell with redirect flow. 

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