November 20, 2013
Updated March 1, 2020

The Post Back URL configuration allows you to select posting back an order type and/or order actions. The order type selection will allow the Platform to perform a server side posting of your pixels directly to your third party affiliate tracking software such as Linktrust, HasOffers, HitPath, DirectTrack, Cake Marketing, or your own in house solution. If post back URL is enabled, there will be no need to host a pixel on your confirmation page since pixel firing will automatically be done by the Platform. The Post Back URL will allow you to configure what gets posted to your affiliate tracking system from the additional fields that are populated.

To add a new Post Back URL profile, you will need to navigate to Settings > Post Backs, and select 'Create' from the Actions drop-down menu. From there, a new page will populate where you can build out your Post Back URL and add any necessary tokens. You will need to just need to click "VIEW TOKENS / BUILD URL" next to the 'tokens' field as shown below, and you will be navigated to the Post Back builder.

Post Back Builder:

This is where you will build out your Post Back URL and add any additional tokens. Within the "Base URL" field, you will need to just enter in the URL, and then select any of the check boxes to select the tokens that you would like to add to the URL. Click on "GENERATE URL" as shown below, and the URL will then be automatically populated within the add Post Back URL section, where you can then complete your setup.

Name: Create a name for your Post Back URL profile.

HTTP Method: GET/POST/PUT. This will define the HTTP request method that is used when the post back is sent.

Type: Order or Prospect

Tokens: Where your Post Back URL is built, add or edit the URL or any tokens here

URL: The Post Back URL that is used to post to your affiliate tracking system. Also, multiple tokens can be passed dynamically through this Post Back URL.

Trigger Type: Order Type or Order Action. If "Order Action" is selected, the view will change and you will have the option to select any of the actions: Void, Refund, Cancel, Hold, Reset Recurring, and Chargeback.

Order Type: In this field, select whether you will post back just initial or subscription, or both initial and subscription orders.

Order Status: In this field, select whether you will post back just approved or declined, or both approved and declined orders.

Payments: In this field, select whether you will post back just non-test payments or test payments, or both non-test payments and test payments.

Global: When checked, this Post Back URL will automatically be associated with all campaigns, now and moving forward.

Campaigns: Attach this Post Back URL to one or more campaigns. When the campaigns are selected here, there is no need to go into each additional campaign to add them.

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