Order Confirmation Overview
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April 13, 2012

UPDATED March 1, 2020

Order Confirmation Providers page will display a list of the order confirmation providers that you have added to your CRM and give you the flexibility to apply several actions to them. These actions include the ability Edit, Copy, Add, Export CSV, and Delete.

To configure an Order Confirmation Provider into your sticky.io CRM instance, you will go to Settings>Providers and  under ACTIONS select Add New Provider Profile.Select the type = Call Confirm and select the Provider from the drop down.Fill out the required parameters which are outlined below and click “Save”.

For Order Confirmation Providers that you have already created, you can search for them by Id, Name, Description, or a list of Id’s by entering the search criteria in the search field. The system will automatically populate the results for you once the search criteria is entered.

sticky.io Light CRM has integrated a new technology that will allow you to post data directly to your Call Center/Order Confirmation Provider through an automated process.

This is a great integration that will allow you to post your new orders data to your Order Confirmation Provider real time, this way they can perform the confirmations in their side as soon as the orders come through. With the amount of fraudulent orders affecting online businesses on the daily basis, the order confirmation calls are a great strategy to lower the risk of fraud and protect your business.

By adding an API call  you will have the option to send over to them either ALL new orders data including initial orders and recurring orders, or just initial orders from new customers only.

When the Order Confirmation provider has been enabled in your CRM, you will have a new field under your campaign form called “Order Confirmation Provider”. You will click on its drop down menu, select your provider and assign it to each campaign which successful orders you want to send over to your call center for confirmation.

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