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November 10, 2010
March 1, 2020

The New Order tab is used to place new orders over the phone for new or existing customers.

You just have to go to New Order and click on “Place Order” to access the Place Order page.

Any order placed through the New Order will be treated just as if the customer would have ordered through an online campaign, including any services from third party providers that have been assigned to the campaign. For example: if you have assigned an auto-responder to your campaign, when you submit the order on the Place Order form, our system will pass the data to them, same as it does with the orders placed online.

Steps to place a New Order:

1. Select the campaign. 

2. Select the offer (offers will be display after you select the campaign).
Under each offer you will need to select the Billing Model, Product, Quantity and Step Number (pptional). You will also see an option to add a trial, if you have a trial configured in the offer that you are selecting.   The quantity free text box allows you to enter a purchase quantity for the product up to the limit allowed for that product.

3. Select the shipping method.

4. Fill out the customer information such as the first and last name, shipping address, phone, email, and billing address, if different than shipping.

5. The affiliate/sub-affiliate fields allows you to add new or view current affiliate data on orders placed on the place order page. Please be sure to use the appropriate pairing of the affiliate data fields, e.g. AFID is used with SID, so that there are no discrepancies in the reporting within your system.

6. Review the order summary for an overview of what is included in a customer’s order. The order summary will include a sales tax if the product(s) in the order are taxable. Also, the sales tax will be generated if the customer’s zip code and country corresponds to a sales tax profile that it setup in the Platform.

7. Fill out Payment Information and submit the order. If the customer is paying by credit card, fill out the credit card number, expiration date and security code. If the customer is paying by check, fill out the bank routing number and bank account number. If the customer is paying by an offline payment e.g. money order, just select offline payment.

An offline payment order will be assigned a pending status after an order is processed, and the orders will remain as pending until the payment has been marked as received under the order details.

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