Reprocess Declined Orders
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November 10, 2010
March 1, 2020

The reprocessing declines page will allow you to keep track of the declined orders that you want to reprocess. The orders that are eligible to be reprocessed will be listed in this page.

To reprocess declines, you will select the order on the left, and then select ‘Reprocess declines’ in the Actions drop down menu.

The Actions drop down menu will allow you to Reprocess, Cancel, Pause, Resume, View Orders and Export CSV at a mass level.

The Advanced Search field will allow you narrow down the order list based on specific criteria.

Include/Exclude option: This will allow you to include or exclude data from your search.

i.e If you enter Gateway Id 11 in the Gateway Id filter, and click on the circle to 'exclude', it will exclude Gateway Id 11.

Max Reprocess Attempts: This will allow you to select the number of attempts you want to see.

i.e If you enter in 2, it will show you orders that have attempted 2 times or less.

*Note* It will only show the number you enter or less.

After you reprocess declines, you have the option to view the orders and also the batch results. Go to the 'Actions' drop down menu and select either 'View Orders' or 'View Batches'. When selecting 'View Batches' you have the ability to drill down into each batch and view all details from the reprocess.

Reprocess Declines Rules:

These are the possible reasons a given order decline may not show in the new reprocess page.

#1 - A similar order is already in the queue (same email, campaign, product, depth)
#2 - Has an approved order with same email, campaign, product, depth
#3 - Order is on a gateway that does not allow reprocessing (currently hard-coded list of account ids - amazon, paypal express, docdata)
#4 - Order is an initial order on a gateway with 3DS enabled
#5 - Order is blacklisted
#6 - The parent order was cancelled
#7 - The order is in the queue already (still shows, able to pause/cancel)

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