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Understand Order Status
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November 10, 2010
March 1, 2020

Understand Order Status

 To help you keep your orders organized, provides you with several sub-folders, one for each order status. This will allow you to have a list of orders with full details according to their status.

Here is a brief description of each one of these sub-folders:

Approved Orders 

This subfolder is for all the new orders that have been successfully charged and are ready to be shipped or processed. The name of the subfolder being viewed will always be highlighted.

The orders will be listed each one in a row, displaying general details about the order such as the Order ID, Customer Name, Customer Email, Product Name and Next Recurring Product, among others.

To look at the entire order details, you need to click on the checkbox next to the Order ID number and click on “Order Details” from the Orders Features. This will display all the order details and customer information associated with that particular order.

Also, when a customer has purchased an upsell, the order will have the next icon:

All Orders

This subfolder will contain the entire list of all the orders that have been processed in the system; whether they are approved, on hold, cancellations, subscriptions, pending, declined, voided/refunded, shipped, fraud, chargeback, or have been provided an RMA.

The only orders that will not show up are those orders that have been deleted from the system; however, in most cases we would not recommend you to delete any order. It is always helpful to have a complete and transparent history of all the activity done by your company, in case of any problem or misunderstanding with a customer.

On Hold 

This subfolder contains all the orders that have been placed on hold by the system.

The will attempt to process a failed recurring order of an active subscription up to the number of decline salvage attempts that you set on the Subscription Management page in the Platform. The system will automatically place the failed recurring order on hold once the last decline salvage attempt is unsuccessful.



This subfolder contains orders where there has been a manual cancelation, or the customer has requested the cancelation of an order.


This subfolder will contain orders that are recurring. The recurring order(s) will remain in the subscriptions subfolder until the subscription period has ended, the recurring has been stopped, or the subscription has been canceled.

Also, this subfolder will allow you to see how many recurring orders are pending, how many days/ hours are left for the recurring order to be processed, and you can also see the next recurring product. Any of these recurring orders can be stopped at any time.


This subfolder will contain orders where the receipt of payment is pending. The pending status can be changed to either approved or declined depending on the outcome of the payment receipt.


This subfolder will keep a list of all the orders that have been declined regardless of the reason why they were declined. It allows you to follow up with the customers and try to save the sell.


This subfolder contains all the orders that have been voided or refunded, whether they have been totally or partially refunded.

When doing a refund, please keep in mind that if you are refunding a recurring order, you need to specify if you want to keep the recurring active after the refund by selecting Yes or Not, next to the refund option. If you failed to specify, the system will automatically stop the recurring on it.


In this subfolder you will have all the orders that have been shipped.

If you manually process your own fulfillment and import the tracking numbers back into the system, once the tracking numbers have been imported and saved, the orders will be automatically pushed to Shipped.

If you work with a third party fulfillment provider, our system will obtain the tracking numbers from them, import them into their associated orders and push these orders to Shipped.

In case you are offering digitally delivered products, or you have chosen not to work with tracking numbers, you will need to force ship these orders. It is very important that you inform the system when an order has been completed. To force ship an order, you will select the order(s) that need to be send to Shipped and click on “Force Ship” from the Orders Features.


This subfolder will contain all the orders that you have turned the Fraud flag on. It will be extremely helpful at the time you generate your reports; you will be able to see how many frauds you have got, and what affiliates brought them, if you work with affiliates.


This subfolder, same as the Fraud subfolder, will be very helpful for reporting. Any time you receive a chargeback, you can go to the order details of that particular order and turn on the Chargeback flag. Then, the order will be pushed to Chargeback.



This subfolder contains a list of all orders that have been issued a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number as well as orders that have been marked or flagged as returned.


This subfolder contains a list of orders that have been deleted from your system. The option to restore deleted orders will be available under Orders Features once this subfolder is selected.

Additional Order Status:

In addition to the above mentioned statuses, there are two additional statuses which don’t have any sub-folders, but that will help you to easily differentiate some type of orders in your Platform:


This icon will appear on the status column of any order that comes through in your Platform using the test credit card or test checking account. This way, you can easily differentiate the test orders from valid orders.


Confirmed Order 

This icon will appear on any order in which the Confirmed flag inside the order details has been enabled. This will allow you to identify at a glance those orders that have been successfully confirmed.

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