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April 17, 2012
Updated March 1, 2020 

A customer has placed an order, but made a mistake on the email address. When updating the email address on an order, this will not automatically update their member record’s email and will cause confusion for the customer when trying to login.


  • If a customer has already verified their member email address (defined a password), they cannot update/change their email address

  • After updating the member email, be sure to send the Forgot Password email so they are sent new login criteria

  1. Click ‘Customers → Customers’, and click the arrow to show the filter criteria. Use the customer’s email in the ‘Email’ field to easily locate the record.

 2. Click the ‘Edit’ icon next to the customer’s record


  • Email: edit this field to the new, desired email address

  • Member Login: displays what the member’s email is currently set at

  • Click ‘SAVE’ 


  • NOTE: You MUST click SAVE to correctly update the member’s email.

4. A pop-up confirming that both the Customer record AND Member email address will display.

5. Click the ‘person’ icon next to the customer record.

 6. Select the ‘Forgot Password’ template from the dropdown menu, and click ‘Send Temporary Password’. This will allow the customer to define a new password for the member portal.

NOTE: if the user has already verified (created a permanent password) their email, if you change the value of the ‘Email’ field and save, it will NOT change the value.

3. A pop-up confirming that only the Customer email was updated will display

How do I know if the user has a Member record?

  • On the ‘Customer’ page, the column called ‘Member’ will display the value YES

  • When you edit a customer record, the field ‘Member Login’ is NOT displayed

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