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October 25, 2017

UPDATED March 1, 2020 Chargeback is a Value Added Service that will allow you to take advantage of our chargeback provider technology which will eliminate chargebacks, significantly reduce fraud, increase transaction acceptance and recover lost revenue.

This service currently has two (2) different options to choose from, or both!’s new full-service chargeback alerts and representment service – a one-stop shop to manage chargebacks, fully integrated seamlessly within your account.  Alerts are sourced across two (2) networks of expansive bank coverage to optimize chargeback reduction, Ethoca and Verifi. A chargeback alert is a warning of an upcoming chargeback that will automatically trigger a refund on the transaction and stop the subscription in This will reverse the chargeback before any fees or penalties are incurred by the merchant. You can also configure alerts to automatically blacklist the customer record to prevent any further chargebacks in the future. Representment is a full managed service facilitated by Chargebacks911 to reduce the cost associated with chargebacks. Representment is the process of the merchant fighting a chargeback, and if the representment case is won, the merchant keeps the money associated with the original transaction.

Using both of these services together will give you the total chargeback package. One (1) profile, two (2) services!

If you are interested in using Chargeback, just contact our Client Success Team at clientsuccess@  and we will be happy to get you started!

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