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July 29, 2019

UPDATED March 31, 2021

Visa Order Insight allows customer service representatives at issuing banks to access information from merchants’ CRM systems in real-time, enabling them to provide specific details about the transaction. This helps cardholders recall unfamiliar transactions and can provide greater clarity to the issuer about whether a dispute is appropriate to escalate to a chargeback or whether the cardholder should be directed to resolve the issue with the merchant.

If a customer disputes a charge, these additional transaction details are often the compelling evidence you need to justify the purchase. Under the litigation-based legacy system, though, such data would not even be introduced until the chargeback had been filed and you were preparing a representment.

With Visa Order Insight and our integration with CB911 the system now automatically transmits this information in response to the initial inquiry or complaint. To demonstrate, let’s assume a buyer completes a purchase, but later contacts the issuing bank, claiming not to recognize the transaction. This would have likely resulted in a chargeback under the legacy system; with Visa Order Insight, though, the process begins with a transaction inquiry. The bank can use the system to recall critical information quickly and efficiently, giving the buyer a key context for the purchase and preventing the chargeback.

Order Insight is designed to convey any of the following information from your CRM or ordering system:

  • Detailed product description

  • Quantity of items ordered

  • Tracking and carrier information

  • Delivery status, with signature confirmation

  • Refund status

  • Device and IP address used to place the order

  • Merchant’s name and contact information, including phone, email, and website

  • Customer’s name, contact information, and order history

  • Transaction details including order number, payment card used, and authentication status

  • Usage data for digital purchases, including location and frequency

  • Notes about the customer or transaction

Everything Order Insight does happen automatically. Merchants don’t have to monitor and respond to Order Insight inquiries; the system retrieves the information through an integrated link for immediate, seamless transmission to the issuing bank’s call center.

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