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To set up an Auto Responder you must first create an account with the Auto Responder that you have selected.Log onto the auto responder website and follow their directions to get the API credentials that you will use to input into the CRM platform. For information on how to set that up click here 

To configure  Klaviyo into your CRM instance, you will go to Settings>Providers and  under ACTIONS select Add New Provider Profile.Select the type = AutoResponder and select Klaviyo from the drop down.Fill out the required parameters which are outlined below and click “Save”.

For more information on this AutoResponder click here

Alias: Create a name for your Klaviyo profile. This is for internal purposes only; it helps you identify a specific Auto Responder account among several of them in your platform.

API Private Key: This is obtained through your Klaviyo terminal as described above.

Post Phone: If you select post phone we will send the phone number to Klaviyo. The new version of Klaviyo will error the entire record if the phone number is not properly formatted. We will run the phone number thru a format check - if format is bad we will not send. For more information on Klaviyo's phone number formatting requirements refer to their documentation.

Add the List IDs to your Campaign: When creating or editing your campaign, you will see at the very bottom of the page the option to enable an Auto Responder to your campaign. Once you select an Auto Responder two more fields will appear: Prospect Id and Customer Id, you will enter the List Id’s that were provided to you once your Lists were created in your auto responder terminal.

The following information is sent to Klaviyo for customer requests:

Order ID

  • Order Date

  • Items

    • Product ID

    • Product Name

    • Is shippable

    • qty

    • sku

    • discount

    • amount

    • variant ID

    • is trial

    • is active subscription

    • Subscription

      • id

      • start date

      • recur date

      • frequency

      • frequency ID

  • Rebill Depth

  • Order total data

    • total

    • subtotal

    • sipping

    • tax amount

    • tax %

    • currency

  • Bundle Data

  • is_gift

  • is_refunded

  • Return/Refund data

  • is_fraud

  • is_chargeback

  • Coupons code

  • Discount data

    • total

    • volume

    • billing model

    • coupon

    • credit

    • shipping coupon

    • shipping step down

    • step down

    • prepaid

NOTE: These fields must also be mapped within Klaviyo directly in order for us to pass these values within the request.

Provider Custom Fields

You have the option to send custom field values over to Klaviyo, using the 'Provider Custom Fields' tab inside of the Klaviyo provider profile.

The 'Token Values' are the available tokens (custom field values) that we have available to be sent to Klaviyo. You'll just need to select the token value and then within the 'Request Parameter' section add the name of the parameter that you want to be shown inside of Klaviyo. These same custom field values also need to be mapped inside of Klaviyo directly so that they are recognized when we include them in our requests. You will want to make sure that the request parameter inside of matches the custom fields configured within Klaviyo. For further information on how to configure these inside of Klaviyo:

The following order information is available to be sent to Klaviyo via the Provider Custom Fields section inside of the Klaviyo profile:

  • Customer and prospect information such as First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone number. (The phone number MUST be valid, as Klaviyo validates the phone number so if it is not valid, the request will be rejected.)

  • Product Id and product name

  • Order Total

  • Orders marked as chargeback, fraud, or blacklist

  • Orders voided or refunded

  • Subscriptions created, including the subscription Id and recurring date

  • Subscriptions cancelled, including cancellation reason

  • Subscriptions recurring date change

Below are the parameters that we will send to Klaviyo based on the provider custom fields / event configurations:

Note: If order level token values are included such as 'order_id' for example, these will only be sent for customer posts to Klaviyo as prospect posts do not contain any order information.

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