Overview of Auto Responders
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October 24, 2010
UPDATED March 1, 2020

The sticky.io CRM supports multiple third party auto-responders as long as they have an API available. They will help you to follow up with your customers and prospects, optimize your lists, and increase your revenues!

To set up your email providers, just go to Auto-Responders>Email Providers and select the provider that you would like to add to your system. Each provider requires specific information to be submitted into our system in order for your sticky.io CRM to get connected with them; they will provide you this information when you set up your account with them.

 To work with an auto-responder different than the ones listed in our system, feel free to send your request to support@sticky.io and we will follow up with you.

You will have the flexibility to work with multiple auto-responders if you want, as well as the flexibility to choose the campaigns that you want to assign them to, as they will be assigned at the campaign level.

For more information on how to configure individual auto responders with sticky.io please refer to the help article in this section for the auto responder you will be integrating with.

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