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May 24, 2013

UPDATED March 1, 2020

To configure  Sykes Fulfillment into your CRM instance, you will go to Settings>Providers and  under ACTIONS select Add New Provider Profile.Select the type = Fulfillment and select Sykes from the drop down.Fill out the required parameters which are outlined below and click “Save”.

For more information on this Fulfillment Center click here

 These parameters are briefly described here for your reference:

Client Name - This will be provided to you by Sykes Fulfillment.
Warehouse – This will be provided to you by Sykes Fulfillment.
Receive Tracking Numbers – Specify whether or not you would like to receive tracking numbers with your shipments.
Is Test- This will denote to Sykes Fulfillment whether or not your fulfillment account is in test mode. If your configuration is set to test mode, then your test and live orders will be considered as test orders within your fulfillment account at Sykes Fulfillment.
Delay Hours – Specify if you would like to delay our system from pushing the orders to your fulfillment center for an “X” amount of hours. This would allow you to review the orders before they get sent out to the fulfillment provider.
Alias - For internal purposes only to help you organize among multiple fulfillment profiles within your CRM. 


Once your fulfillment provider profile has been created, then you will go through your campaigns and assign the fulfillment provider to the corresponding campaign(s).

Please note that you must configure your product SKUs with the selected Fulfillment Center before your orders will successfully post to fulfillment.

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