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Add and Edit Prospects
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May 21, 2011
Updated March 1, 2020

Add and Edit Prospects keeps a list of all your prospects in the Prospect subfolder under Customers. Each prospect is saved with its Campaign Id, Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, IP Address, and the prospect creation date. 

You can search for already created prospects with campaign Id or prospect Id by entering the search criteria in the search field. The system will automatically populate the results for you once the search criteria are entered.

Advanced Searching for Prospects

You can search for prospects in multiple ways. Click the down arrow in the search box, if you need to narrow down the list of prospects based on a specific date range, Prospect, or Campaign Id. You are also able to search for a particular prospect by his/her name, email address, or phone number. Enter the criteria of your choice, and click on “Show Results”.

If you don’t need the Search Prospects section, remember that you have the option to hide it.


The actions tab allows you to Add Prospects, Delete Prospects, and Add or Remove Smart Tags at a mass level.  You can also Export a CSV of the prospect list 

Prospect Features 

We have a few features available for you to manage prospect information. You can select one or multiple prospects at once, and apply the criteria below to save you time.

  • Edit Prospect Information

  • Delete Prospect

  • Tag Prospect


Add Prospect

To add a prospect, go to your prospects list and click on "Add Prospect” from the features menu; you only have the ability to add a prospect one by one. Once your prospect has been saved, you’ll have the ability to add notes to that prospect record.

Delete Prospects

To delete a prospect, go to your prospects list, click on the checkbox next to the Prospect ID number, and click on "Delete Prospects” from the features menu. You can delete them one by one, or you can delete multiple prospects at a time.


Export CSV

Using the “Search Prospects” filter, you can narrow down a list of prospects that you would like to export, by using a specific date range or selecting a campaign ID, select the prospects, and click on “Export CSV”.



To edit a prospect’s information, go to the prospect and click on “Edit” at the end of the prospect row. You can edit information such as the first and last name, address, email address, phone number, affiliate data, and you can even manually add notes to it.

The notes that are added to your prospect profile will be included in your CSV file if you export your prospects.

The following screen will open up; you will apply the necessary changes then click “Save”.


You will use this feature if an existing prospect wants to place an order. You just have to click on “Order” from the features at the end of the prospect row.

The system will take all the prospect information and send it to a new page called Place An Order, it will automatically pre-select for you the campaign and the product that generated this particular prospect. However, you can always change the campaign and the product if you need to.

All you will need to get from the prospect is the credit card information, submit this information in the Place An Order page, and process the new order.

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