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August 10, 2012 

UPDATED March 1, 2020

To configure the CobreBem Gateway into your CRM, you will go to Payments>Gateways, under ACTIONS select Add New Provider Profile.Select the type = Payment/Gateway and select CobreBern from the drop down.Fill out the gateway parameters which are outlined below and click “Save”.

For more information on this Gateway click here

These parameters are briefly described here for your reference:

Username: This will be provided to you by CobreBem.

CCID: This will be provided to you by CobreBem.

Preferred Acquirer: Please select either Rede Card, Cielo, Elavon, or Getnet as your preferred acquirer.

Currency: The CobreBem Gateway currently supports BRL, CLP, and MXN currencies.

Total Installments:This indicates how many installments to display to a consumer on the place order page and webforms. For rebills, the total installments originally selected will be passed to CobreBem for each rebill. The total installments that are set are only passed to the gateway; they are not displayed nor can they be utilized or changed within the order details.  Boleto Link and Explanation: This will be used with the email event token {gateway_specific_html} for the Cobre Bem gateway to generate a link to the consumer to download and print the Boleto  Interest % Overdue/Fine % Overdue/Name of Guarantor/The Days Boleto Expires/ Days until Boleto Due:listed in the illustration pertain to how you want to control your Boleto print out for this campaign.

Teller HTML: This is HTML that is used for the Boleto, and email event tokens can be embedded within the HTML.

Client receipt HTML:Provided from Boleto

Gateway Alias: Name that you will assign to the gateway. This is for internal purposes only; it helps you identify a specific gateway account among several of them in your CRM.

There are 2 Required Fields on the Merchant Account Details tab. *Descriptor - This will be the MID Descriptor *Customer Service Number - The customer service number assigned to the MID

There is 1 Required Field on the Limits and Fees tab *Global Monthly Cap - This will be the sales amount allowed monthly on this MID 

To maximize the efficiency of Reporting Analytics we suggest you take a moment and fill out the rest of the fields. These will all be used in’s profitability reports.

For field definitions on all of the fields on the Merchant Account Details Tab and the Limits & Fees Tab - click here- overview of gateway providers

Once your gateway profile has been created, then you will go through your campaigns and assign the gateway to the corresponding campaign(s).

Additional Gateway Setup Notes

 1. Please submit the following URL’s to CobreBem as your Boleto reconciliation and refund PostBack URL's. Please replace "" with your CRM domain name.

For boleto reconciliation postback:  For refund postback:

 2. Please provide CobreBem with the following IP addresses:                                                      

 3. Please contact your provider in order to have your account enabled to perform recurring transactions on the acquirer side. Otherwise, recurring transactions will be declined by the acquirer.

 4. Enabling Refunds- The following will need to take place in order to enable refunds on your gateway account:

You will need to ask your provider to activate refunds.The provider will then send instructions to you. The procedures may vary depending on the acquirer that you are affiliated with. 

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