Google Sheets Segments Contact Syncing

This article is to guide in the setup of syncing contacts with a google sheets between the customers and prospects list of segments.

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December 3, 2019
Updated March 1, 2020

Marketing tools such as market segmenting is a powerful way to understand the behavior of your customers. The Google Sheets integration enhances this feature by allowing you to seamlessly sync your book of contacts, prospects, or both by simply setting up the proper configurations. This article will help you do just that.

Before you can go ahead and have contacts synced, you first need to head over to "Settings" and "Providers" page. Under actions, you can add a new provider profile. The Google Sheets segments integration lives under Auto-Responder, and Provider type as Google Sheet. All there's left to do is to give the provider profile an Alias and hit "Save".

Once you hit "Save", you will be redirected to Google's OAuth Layer where you have to give permission to sync with Google Sheets, by clicking "Allow". This will allow the integration to create, read, update, and delete the spreadsheet that you will create in the next step.

Now would be a good time to create either a prospects spreadsheet, customers spreadsheet, or both. For every spreadsheet, within their URL, you will find the Spreadsheet ID. This is found after the "/d/". For example, for this URL: "",  "15RDaXHAmabia0BZmT3MvAxxlkEZq6ax8XjpljheaviL" would be the Sreadsheet ID. This will be needed in the next step.

Once you have both Spreadsheet IDs, you can then navigate to the campaign where this segment will be used and enable the Autoresponder section with the Google Sheet provider profile created earlier. This is where you will plug in the Spreadsheet ID for the corresponding customer and prospect sections, and save once completed.

In the Segments page ("Home" -> "Customers" -> "Segments"), you can now create a new segment, or edit an existing one to leverage the Google Sheets integration. This is done under the Auto Processing settings where you can choose the Auto Responder profile created earlier. The list dropdown will give the option to choose to sync either the Prospects or Customers Google Sheet. Once youv'e chosen a worksheet, the "Segment" dropdown will let you narrow down which specific sheet you want synced.

From here on, you can now create and edit segments as you see fit, and they will automatically sync with the sheet of your choice. The data that is synced includes "First Name", "Last Name", "Email", "Phone Number", "Address 1", "Address 2", "City", "State", "Zip Code", and "Country". If any of the information is not listed for the customer, then the field will be left as blank. Please note, that the name of the sheets should not be changed for proper syncing (i.e. "Sheet 1" should remain "Sheet 1").


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