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With Subscriptions for Shopify, you will have access to subscription analytics that help you make informed decisions about your business.

The following article will guide you through the process of accessing those analytics within the Subscriptions application.

Without further ado, let's begin!

In a hurry? Watch our Product Marketing Manager guide you through the process of accessing your subscription-specific analytics in 2:13. Inversely, review our step-by-step article below.

Available Analytics

The following analytics are available as a part of the subscription analytics offering from

  • Subscriptions

    • Subscription Growth Last 30 Days

    • Active Subscribers

    • Active Subscriptions

  • Product Forecast

    • Subscriptions Rebilling Next 30 Days

    • Recurring Product by SKU

    • Recurring Product by Date

  • Terminated Subscriptions

    • Subscription Churn Last 30 Days

    • Churn Per Month

    • Churn % by Month

How to Access Your Analytics

To access your analytics, you'll start by logging into your Shopify storefront.

From the Home page of the Shopify Admin, navigate to Apps.

In the center panel, you will see information about your installed apps. Select the stickyio Subscriptions application.

Once you land on the home page of the application, navigate to the Analytics tab.

Previewing the Analytics

Below is an image of a sample analytics dashboard.

Note - In the first 30 days after installing the app, you will see "0 %" as the displayed result for Subscription Growth Last 30 Days. This value is calculated as:

100 x (final - initial) / (initial)

Because the initial value is "0", the formula will default to display "0 %" until more data is accumulated.

Congratulations! You're now an expert on accessing your subscription analytics with the Subscriptions app for Shopify.

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