Created: April 27, 2022

Updated: 4/27/2022


This article discusses the Volume Discount option. In Short Volume Discounts gives a merchant the ability to define a list of products and quantities to create discounting tiers. The same products must be used in every tier. Volume discounts are only applied to the products in the list. Any other products they purchase from your catalog will not count for the discount. The discount can be in dollars or in percentages. Only 1 Volume discount can be attached to a Campaign But a number of different campaigns can use the same volume discount.

Once you build your volume discount it will be applied to all your new orders that meet the criteria you have defined in the volume discount. The Volume discount will NOT be applied to orders in existence at the time you built the discount. If an order changes the volume discounts will be rechecked to ensure the criteria is still met. If you use volume discounts you cannot use preserve price.

If a customer decides to force bill a single line item from the order - the volume discount will only apply if the single line has the quantity and products to entitle it to a volume discount. The rest of the order will be reevaluated for qualification to see if it is still eligible for volume discount. History notes will be added to the orders where the volume discount is applied


  1. Once you are logged into the Platform select the arrow next to Products and then select discounts.

  2. Click on Actions and Click Add New

  3. Create a Name for the volume discount you are building

  4. Add A description

  5. If you select Exclude Non Recurring – the volume discount you are building will not be applied to One Time/Straight Sales

  6. If you select Initial – the Volume Discount that you are building will apply only to the initial order in your subscription.

  7. If you select Recurring the volume discount that you are building will only be applied to the orders after the first order.

  8. If you select both – the volume discount that you are building will be applied to all Initial and Recurring subscription orders

  9. Underneath the Campaigns Tab – locate the Campaign or Campaigns that you would like to add the Volume Discount to

  10. Underneath Products select the products that will be used to define the Volume Discount. Only Products listed in this section will be counted towards the fulfillment of the volume discount counts

  11. Underneath the Blue Bar on the right – click the pencil for Edit. This is where you are going to build your count and discount tiers

  12. The lower quantity is the least number of items that can be purchased for this discount.

  13. The Upper Quantity is the maximum number of items that can be purchased for this amount

  14. The type allows you to select a flat dollar amount or a percentage.

  15. The amount field allows you to select the dollar or percent discount amount that will be applied to all orders meeting the quantity purchase criteria. Click Save when done.

  16. Click the blue add button to add another tier.

  17. Repeat steps 12-16 for each tier you would like to add.

  18. Click Save when complete

In the example below you will see 4 tiers. Tier 1 is for a customer that has bought 2,3 or 4 of the 3 products defined in this discount. Any combination of products is OK. If they meet that criteria then they get a 10% discount off of their order.

If they order 9 of the selected products they would get 20% discount off of their order.

If they ordered 21 products from the list then they would get 25% off the order.

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