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Adding a "My Subscription" link to the after-checkout Order Summary page will allow your customers to access the customer portal and directly manage their subscriptions.

The usage of this page is optional to merchants and not required to use our application.

In a hurry? Watch our Product Marketing Manager guide you through the process of adding a My Subscriptions link to the after-checkout Order Summary page in 1:25. Inversely, review our step-by-step article below.

How to Add the "My Subscription" Link to the Order Summary page

1 - To add this link, we'll start on the home page of your storefront and navigate to Settings.

2 - Next, select Checkout from the visible tabs.

3 - Scroll down and locate the Additional scripts section of the page.

4 - Copy and paste the following code into the Order status page text box. (Arrow 1, pictured below)

<script>Shopify.Checkout.OrderStatus.addContentBox(` <div style="text-align: left;"><a className="my-subscriptions-btn" href="/apps/my-subscriptions?customer_email={{}}&customer_id={{}}">My Subscriptions</a></div>`);</script>

5 - Once that is complete, click Save. (Arrow 2, pictured above)

That's it! Your customers will now have the option to follow this link at checkout and manage their subscriptions as they see fit.

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