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Now that we've created your first billing model using Subscriptions for Shopify and enabled the subscriptions widget on our product display pages, we'll dive into adding your created billing frequencies to additional products.

Without further ado, let's begin!

In a hurry? Watch our Product Marketing Manager guide you through every possible combination of billing frequency that can be created in 7:13. Inversely, review our step-by-step article below.

Adding Existing Billing Frequencies to Additional Products or Variants

To begin, from your storefront navigate over to Products.

Here, merchants can get a direct view of all of their goods and services.

Select the product that you would like to add an existing subscription billing model to by clicking the product name.

To apply changes to a specific product variant, locate the Variants box and click Edit next to the product variant that you would like to apply changes to.

Once you've selected your product or variant, scroll down and locate the Subscriptions box.

Click the Add option dropdown menu, then click Select existing option.

You will see all of your existing selling plans (billing models) here. Simply select the plans that you would like to append to your product by checking the corresponding boxes. Once satisfied with your selections, click Add to plan to finalize.

Congratulations! You're now an expert on adding existing subscription billing frequencies to additional products within the Subscriptions app for Shopify.

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