Subscriptions allows you to configure, launch and manage subscriptions directly from within the Shopify admin. When a customer purchases a subscription from you, the information about the product, and the frequency of the subscription, becomes visible in your admin.

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Eligibility and Supported Payment Gateways

To use Subscriptions on Shopify, you must be using one of the following payment gateways:

  • Shopify Payments

  • PayPal Express


Stripe will become a payment gateway option for subscriptions in H1 2022. Additionally, wallet support for subscriptions with Apple Pay and G Pay will become available in H1 2022.

  • Local payment methods and accelerated checkouts, such as Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, G Pay, Klarna, Mollie iDEAL and Sofort, cannot be used to purchase subscriptions.

  • Local delivery and pick up in store aren't currently supported as delivery options for subscriptions but Shopify plans to support these option in the second half of 2022.

Currently Available Features

  • Subscription Types

    • Standard self-recurring subscriptions - Consumers receive a single shipment with each defined billing event. An example would be consumers being billed and shipped a given product every 30 days.

    • Prepaid subscriptions - Customers pay for several shipments in advance. An example would be consumers paying for three months of shipments up front, but receiving a delivery once a month.

    • Custom recurring subscriptions - Customers are billed on a custom cycle to receive regular delivery of a product. An example would be consumers being billed once every three months to receive biweekly shipments of a given product.

  • Subscription billing models configured directly within the Products tab of the native Shopify admin portal, including:

    • Bill by Cycle - Subscriptions will bill every N days, weeks or months. An example subscription would be billed every 30 days.

    • Bill by Date - Subscriptions will bill on the Nth day of each month. An example subscription would be billed on the 15th of every month.

    • Bill by Relative Date - Subscriptions will bill on a relative schedule every N internals. If a customer purchased an example subscription on the 13th of this month, their subscription would continue to bill on the 13th, either monthly or annually, depending on your selections.

  • Subscribe & Save Tiered Discounting

    • Set up unique discount offers that are specific to given subscription models. For example, offer 15% off on a 30 day subscription model, but only 10% off on a 60 day subscription model for the same product.

    • Alternatively, set up uniform discount offers for all subscription billing models associated with a given product. For example, offer 10% off on both the 30 day and 60 day subscription models for a specified product.

  • Merchant portal subscription management options

    • Bill now

    • Pause

    • Resume

    • Skip Cycle

    • Cancel

    • Change recurring date

    • Change billing model

    • Change billing address

    • Change shipping address

    • View subscription history

  • Customer portal subscription management options

    • Bill now

    • Pause

    • Resume

    • Skip Cycle

    • Cancel

    • Change recurring date

    • Change billing model

    • Change billing address

    • Change card on file

    • Change shipping address

  • Support for mixed-cart transaction processing

  • Support for multi-currency Shopify stores

  • Dunning support

    • Capture failed payments with the ability to set custom retry frequencies for declined transactions.

  • Transactional email notifications via Klaviyo

    • Subscription reminder (Customizable days prior to event)

    • Subscription paused

    • Subscription resumed

    • Subscription cancelled

    • Expired card notification

    • Rebill decline notification

    • Rebill success notification

  • Subscription analytics

    • Subscriptions - Subscription Growth, Active Subscribers and Active Subscriptions

    • Product Forecast - Subscriptions Rebilling, Recurring Product by SKU, Recurring Product by Date

    • Terminated Subscriptions - Subscription Churn, Churn Per Month, Churn % by Month, Churn by Type

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my customers' subscriptions continue to rebill when a product is out-of-stock?

    • Yes, will continue to rebill customers for out-of-stock items. A product is considered out of stock in Shopify when the inventory level is at zero or below. You might want to continue to allow customers to buy out-of-stock items for any of the following reasons:

      • You have products available for preorder.

      • You have stock coming soon and you want to continue selling before it arrives.

      • You want to sell first and then order supplies later.

      • You aren't tracking the actual inventory quantity in Shopify.

  • What analytics are available to me and how can I access them?

    • Merchants will have access to Shopify's native reporting. The specific reports that are accessible to each merchant will be determined by their Shopify payment plan. Tracked metrics include:

      • Average order value

      • Sales by channel

      • Repeat customer rate

      • Customer behavior

      • Inventory reports

      • And more

    • For more information on what analytics are available based on your Shopify payment plan, please read this article from the Shopify Help Center.

    • For information about Shopify pricing and the differences between plans, please visit

  • Can I access customer credit card information?

    • Just like all other orders, customer payment information is stored securely by Shopify and you can't access your customers' full credit card information after it has been entered.

  • Why is the app named "stickyio Subscriptions" in the Shopify app store?

    • Shopify does not allow hyperlinks or URLs in the names or descriptions of applications listed in their official app store. For that reason, we (sadly) had to omit the "." in Subscriptions to fall into compliance with Shopify's rules. Our app is currently listed as "stickyio Subscriptions" in the Shopify app store. Throughout this documentation, you will note that we will refer to our app as " Subscriptions".

Helpful Shopify Resources

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Ready to get started with Subscriptions for Shopify? Click here to read through our step-by-step onboarding guide.

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