December 19, 2012

UPDATED March 1, 2020

To configure  PayPal Express Gateway into your CRM, you will go to Payments>Gateways, under ACTIONS select Add New Provider Profile.Select the type = Payment/Gateway and select PayPal Express from the drop down.Fill out the gateway parameters which are outlined below and click “Save”.

For more information on this Gateway click here

These parameters are briefly described here for your reference:

Username: This will be provided to you by Paypal Express Gateway.

Password: This will be provided to you by Paypal Express Gateway.

Signature: This will be provided to you by Paypal Express Gateway.

Currency: The Paypal Express Gateway currently supports USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, JPY, DKK, NOK, SEK, MXN, KRW, NZD, SGD, HKD, CHF, and TWD currencies.

Test Mode: Select whether or not to use the PayPal Express Gateway in test mode.

Gateway Alias: Name that you will assign to the gateway. This is for internal purposes only; it helps you identify a specific gateway account among several of them in your CRM.

There are 2 Required Fields on the Merchant Account Details tab. *Descriptor - This will be the MID Descriptor *Customer Service Number - The customer service number assigned to the MID

There is 1 Required Field on the Limits and Fees tab *Global Monthly Cap - This will be the sales amount allowed monthly on this MID 

To maximize the efficiency of Reporting Analytics we suggest you take a moment and fill out the rest of the fields. These will all be used in’s profitability reports.

For field definitions on all of the fields on the Merchant Account Details Tab and the Limits & Fees Tab - click here- overview of gateway providers

Once your gateway profile has been created, then you will go through your campaigns and assign the gateway to the corresponding campaign(s).

Integrating Paypal Express Using the API

The get_alternative_provider API method withinour Membership API must be used to retrieve redirection information forPaypal Express. Please visit our API documentation for further details.The alt_pay_token and alt_pay_payer_id must beretrieved when using the NewOrder or NewOrderWithProspect API methodswithin our Transaction API. Please visit our API documentation for further details. 

Please find here a description of the payment process that takes place when using PayPal Express with the API:

-Upon the customer selecting PayPal Express as the payment method you will post a get_alternative_provider call to the Membership API

Please visit our API documentation to find the parameters used for this call, notice that this call requires you to provide us with a "return_url", this URL is the one that will be used after the customer completes the transaction on PayPal.


-In response to the get_alternative_provider call you will receive a "redirect_url" with a token Id in it; and you will use this URL to redirect the customer to PayPal so they can process the payment

- When the customer has completed their payment on PayPal you'll receive the final outcome to the "return_url" that you provided with the get_alternative_provider call

- In this return_url you will get the token Id and payer Id that you'll need to populate in the "alt_pay_token" and "alt_pay_payer_id" fields with the NewOrder or NewOrderWithProspect calls to the Transaction API to complete the order in your CRM

- The field names will appear in the return_url as in the following example:

token= alt_pay_token

PayerID= alt_pay_payer_id

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